About us and Our commitment to being Green

We search; through India starting in Kashmir and moving south through Jaipur, Mumbai and Kolhapur; through parts of Turkey and Greece. We are forever surprised by the chaos on the road and the contrasting stillness and calmness inside the workshops we visit along the way, where local artisans make jewellery and sandals by hand over many hours and days. Banjarans is a product of this search, and we are inspired by the push and pull between quality and chaos, stillness and colour.

We are proudly Melbourne owned, and founded on principles of
simplicity and quality. We take great care in sourcing our products,
finding skilled craftsmen around the world, and then refining our process until we have something timeless and unique. In fact, you can see the marks of individuality in almost every Banjarans piece. Every stitch and detail is a hallmark of its maker. We take products of ancient design, and move them through a process of innovation, to make them better suited to the Australian way of life.

The word Banjarans means gypsy (f) in Sanskrit.

We are endowed with a strong connection to nature, and in sourcing products that are made by hand; we support artisan industries that produce sustainable products, made with the highest quality materials.

At Banjarans, we take a holistic approach to design, always ensuring that our products are friendly to the earth and environment. Our sandals and jewellery are made by hand, without the use of modern machinery, using methods that have been passed down through the generations.