Australia’s unhealthy obsession with thongs

October: 2017




For you Northern Hemisphere people, no I don’t mean g-strings, us Aussie’s call flip flops, thongs.

The reason I started Banjarans was quite simply because I wanted a pair of flat, comfortable sandals that I could wear casually but also stylish enough that I could wear out say to a restaurant or a bar.

What have I got against thongs? Firstly, they are so uncomfortable, having to curl your toes over to grip them to your feet.

Does this picture feel familiar to you? It hurts just looking at it right?

Secondly, they are hardly a statement of style. I mean seriously how does the below picture look to you? Stylish? I don’t think so. I find it amazing to see people impeccably dressed and then they ruin their outfit by putting on a pair of rubber thongs!

Finally if you do your research, you’ll find that many are made with plastics such as BPA and latex.

Some companies like malc&andi make great eco friendly thongs (

I love our earth and hate to think of all these thongs sitting in landfill.

I am not saying that there isn’t a place for thongs in society.

So where can you wear thongs?  I am so happy that you asked –

Where you can wear thongs – (eco-friendly ones only please!)

  1. To the beach
  2. Swimming Pools
  3. In the shower (at camp or a gym when you don’t want to get a fungal infection)

Where can’t you wear thongs-

  1. Out to breakfast
  2. Out to lunch
  3. Out to dinner….ok, you get the point at any restaurant or eatery of any kind
  4. To a bar – most of the goods ones already have rules about this
  5. To the office
  6. Playing any kind of sport
  7. At a concert (unless the concert is on the beach)
  8. A museum or art gallery
  9. A job interview
  10. At your future in-laws house
  11. A party (unless the theme is beach or bogan)
  12. Weddings – (even beach ones!)
  13. On a date (unless you want it to be your last date, in which case go ahead)
  14. Any social gathering
  15. Shopping, including grocery shopping
  16. walking the dog (think of the physio costs)
  17. So pretty much everywhere other than the three places stated above

Banjarans Sandals – from beach to bar

So what to do? Well, and this is why we searched the world looking for the most comfortable and yet stylish sandals we could find. Our sandals are hand crafted using  leather with a natural rubber sole, so they are eco-friendly and are durable. They are incredibly comfortable with great support around the front of the foot and extra leather on the sole to absorb impact on your feet. They have been modified by us to ensure the greatest comfort. Dress them down, dress them up!  We live in ours and they have taken us all around the world in both style and comfort – completely bunion and corn free.  And the best news is that we have more styles coming to your real soon!

SO, if you’re looking for a pair of sandals that are comfortable, flat and can take you from beach to bar, look no further. If you don’t like them – we give you your money back! Yes, I just said that. That’s how much we love our sandals and we know you will too.








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